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can i have a little more porn, guv'ner?

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homeless fic
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shadesofbrixton: i should make a community of. ...pointless porn. or pointless fic in general.
gabby_silang: Oh, pointless plotless porn.
gabby: man. you really should start that comm. i have a feeling there'd be a big and enthusiastic membership.
brix: needs a name.
gabby: something vaguely naughty, yet totally classy.
gabby: like "cocksure"
brix: oh, man.
brix: i hope that isn't taken.
brix: well, but, porn ought'nt be a requirement, really.
gabby: ...yeah, i guess. *drags feet in the sand*
brix: and, like, au stuff!
gabby: ee! omgomgomg. i'm so stupidly excited.
gabby: and somebody is totally using cocksure.
gabby: damn.
at this point in the conversation, havenstar calls the community a place for homeless fic.
brix: homeless_fic
gabby: awww. little fics that press their sooty faces to the windowpane!
brix: yes!
brix: red noses and fingers wrapped in bandages!
gabby: "can i have a little more, guv'ner?"
brix: a little more porn. mm.

and thus, fic_orphanage was born. bring us your fic! your fic that makes no sense! your out of character lovey porn! your random cowboys and indians AU fic! your pointless crossovers! bring it all! the more cock the better! everyone's free to join or lurk or stone people or do whatever they want. it's a fic freeforall!

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