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fic orphanage
can i have a little more porn, guv'ner?
Fic: Unthinkable (Lucifer Box/Torchwood crossover) 
21st-Apr-2008 01:07 pm
lucifer: bugger
Title: Unthinkable
Fandom: Lucifer Box, Torchwood
Characters: Charlie, Lucifer, Jack
Rating: R
Summary: Some things are in fact able to make Lucifer speechless.
Disclaimer: Lucifer and Charlie belong to Mark Gatiss; Jack to Russel T. Davis. Just having fun!
Notes: For alittlebriton, whose birthday I forgot and that makes me an ass. This is my penance, and it is sweet penance indeed. Hope you enjoy, honey.

The smell of the sewers has never done anything for me.
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