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1st-Nov-2007 01:08 pm(no subject)
writing, shakespeare
And obviously when Lizzie manages to make me sob with an RP fic, I need to try and retaliate. So here's the counterpoint to her fic. It's all her fault, obviously.

This isn't how it's supposed to go.Collapse )
1st-Nov-2007 11:12 am - RP fic
Tie: Gangster No. 1
Jumping on the RP fic bandwagon, really. Um, this will really only make sense to people in the HeroNet RPG, and even then you might want to avoid as it's a) wangst and b) amazingly self-indulgent wangst.

Um, basically, Fan' and my characters were fighting a lot, and my brain was obviously affected by this in the shower when I was ill and I think I wrote this in about two hours and it hasn't be beta'd or anything, really, so god knows my tenses will probably be all over the shop. I apologise to rifle for making her charrie breed. But it made me laugh.

And originally, this was written not just because I had all the scenes in my head, but also to cheer Fan' up and I don't think I managed that. Sorry? At least this time no one is drug addicted and not touching their breadstick But at least it spawned its counterpoint. I like balance.

7th-Jul-2007 04:27 am - Oz/comic books crossover. I swear.
writing, shakespeare
So this will make sense to Bonnie. And me. And Bonnie. And me. And not much of anybody else, unless you happen to a) be part of our comic book RPG, b) have watched Oz, and c) be on the same crack as Bonnie. And me.

All of those characters are absolutely not mine. Apart from a couple. There are OCs, there are canon characters. I happily butcher the Authority, and X-Men, and even reference Planetary 'cause I couldn't help it. So, kudos to Warren Ellis and, er... whoever's credited for the X-Men. And kudos to all my fellow writers at Hero Network, and I'm so sorry about this and what I did to your pups though at least none of them were made into HORSES, part of my brain is forcing me to point out it just wouldn't leave me alone I blame it all on Bonnie. That seems like a good course of action.

On to the really rather depressing crack that is HeroNet meets Oz.Collapse )
2nd-Jul-2007 02:32 am(no subject)
SPN: Sam Dean
OK, me again. This is the longest fic I believe I've ever written, at ten pages. It's certainly the longest I've ever finished. It took me a while to get the inclination to type it up, but I've been writing fir the past three hours and here it is. It didn't turn out quite the way I'd outlined, but I can put the other bits in my next fic, when inspiration strikes. No smut in this one, since I just can't write it. But here you are, an untitled Wat/Geoff fic.

26th-Jun-2007 09:25 pm - drabbles
SPN: Sam Dean
I watched "A Knight's Tale" for the first time on Friday, and fell in love with both Wat and Geoff. This community is the only place I've found with more than a few Wat/Geoff fics, and those well written. So I decided to join, and I submit two drabbles on their extremely dysfunctional relationship, since my idea for a longer fic has stalled out temporarily.

There are many reasons why he hits him. He hits him because Geoff is smooth, and polished and beautiful, while he’s crude and rough and unfinished. He hits him because Geoff can be so damn condescending, and because he knows he deserves to be condescended to. He hits him because even if Geoff had the same interests he did, he’d never have a chance; he’s too common. He hits him because he’ll never be worthy of someone like Geoff, not in a million years. But mostly, he hits him because that’s the only way he’ll ever be able to touch him.

He puts up with Wat’s abuse. It makes no sense, but he does. Logically, he should leave, he doesn’t need to be beat up all the time. But he puts up with it, because Wat is clueless and totally innocent of the ways of the wider world. He puts up with it because Wat will never feel the same, not in a million years. He’s too simple; the thought would never even cross his mind, and if it did, he’d dismiss it as crazy. But mostly he puts up with it since that’s the only way Wat will ever touch him.
19th-Jun-2007 04:39 pm - yee haw!
other: ragin' cajun
Superheroes can be cowboys too. A mix of canon and OC characters, with deepest, deepest apologies to their proper writers for slaughtering their folks so mercilessly. All for fun! No really!

Generally totally unedited. And typed on a French keyboard, which means there are probably more typos than usual. I'll go back and fix when I get home.

The New ResurrectionistsCollapse )
17th-Mar-2007 01:06 am - zomg lolz :D
rings, my heart is yours forever, lerv
Guys! It is technically St Patrick's Day! Yay!

I'm working on about, um, four or five different stories at the moment, and this is not one of them, but it was written when I was stalled on one of the others. I wrote it about a week ago, actually, and have not reread it since, and saved it to post today, because.. I could. So. Very short, very silly, just be happy I'm not putting it in green font.

Irish blood, English heartCollapse )
other: ragin' cajun
Yes, I know you all just love it when I post random fic from my RPs. Chuh. This is Gambit/OMC, otherwise known as Charlie Soto, pb'd by Gael García Bernal, and written by the lovely Bonnie. Remy is done by Jonathan Rhys Meyers*, so if it pleases you more to imagine two pretty random boys grinding in a smoky club, just run with that image instead, hmkay? With thanks to Fan for the French help.

This is all Bonnie's fault, for getting this song stuck in my head and then feeding me pretty pictures of boys doing naughty things until they wouldn't leave me alone.

He was prey tonight.Collapse )

*just pretend it's possible for him to ever age beyond 26. no easy feat, i know.
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