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[fic] A Less Than Civil Service, NC-17, 'Adam Adamant Lives!' / Lucifer Box series 
29th-Aug-2008 12:35 pm
does not swing
Firstly: this community may possibly have the best premise *ever*.

Secondly: I come bearing pointless crossover fic! With porn!

Title: A Less Than Civil Service
Author: Calliope
Fandoms: Adam Adamant Lives! / Lucifer Box series
Pairing: Adam Adamant/Lucifer Box
Rating: NC-17 (in part 3)
Warnings: None to speak of.
Summary: Prussian spy-rings. White tie. Implausible sex. All in a day's work for an Edwardian Secret Agent.

Fake lj-cuts ahoy!
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Cross-posted to far too many places; apologies to people who get spammed with this multiple times! I'm just desperately trying to find anyone who knows at least one of these fandoms...
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