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fic orphanage
can i have a little more porn, guv'ner?
Fic: Better than prom (HN) 
5th-Aug-2008 02:34 pm
oral sex is love, kink: mirror
Title: Better than prom
Fandom: HeroNet (now back on IJ for our greatest happiness!)
Characters: Chloe, Adrien
Rated: R
Summary: Chloe's prom night.
Notes: written for immortalis's birthday. I hope I've done Chloe justice; she made me so nervous to write! (Also, Gus? I'm sorry. Not.)

Better than prom

As a rule, Adrien much preferred in-doors to outdoors recreation.

In practice, he'd have been just as happy fucking Chloe anywhere. And everywhere, for that matter. The weather was warm enough, anyway, and the blanket they were on rather comfortable. The night was clear, the mood was right, and all those other wonderful things people - not Adrien - tended to care about.

Adrien kept telling himself that it only felt this good because it had taken him so long to have her, but by the time he was giving her a fifth orgasm, four hours later, her taste strong on his tongue, he had to admit that there was something about Chloe herself that made it better than with other people. He usually couldn't be bothered to have sex with the same person for quite this long.

Not that there hadn't been some respite during those four hours, but that was hardly a comfort. Adrien didn't usually cuddle, or at least very rarely and never for this long, not unless he had an ulterior motive. But he quite simply could not get enough of this, of her naked body against his, hands idly exploring it with gentle caresses as they lay there, without any sexual intent... for a while, anyway, before the urges took him again, to have her cry out for him.

When she came, nature bristled. He should not have found it quite so fascinating, but it was Chloe.

The realization that this was entirely too dangerous came upon him while he was going down on her, but he would not let it deter him, not when she was making such pretty noises, muscles tensing, her fingers drifting through his hair, legs splayed, offered to him in the wood clearing. This was entirely better than the tedious event prom must be.

She cuddled close to him when he lay by her side, clearly blissed out, and as she sighed happily the leaves of the nearby trees bristled again. "I still can't be certain that this is better than prom," she said teasingly, the smile on her lips obvious in her voice.

Adrien wanted to laugh, which he still hadn't grown used to. Not such a genuine, lighthearted laugh as she regularly drew out of him. His lips brushed a kiss on her forehead, his resolve hardening. "I'll give you a ride to the Academy," he said, and his tone was more distanced than it had been the whole evening.

Chloe frowned, opening her eyes to look up at him with confusion. "Is something wrong?"

"Nothing," Adrien answered on the same tone, and it was as easy as that, slipping back into detached. No, not quite, but he was a good enough liar to convince himself.

Chloe sat up and peered at him, utterly unabashed about her nudity, something he did rather enjoy about her. "Something is wrong. I'm not an idiot, Adrien. You look... the way you look with other people."

"I look the same with everybody," he said, pushing off his hands and reaching for his boxers to pull them on. She would be nothing special, because he'd decided so.

"If you're giving me a ride to the Academy, where are you going?" Chloe asked persistently, reaching for her own underwear.

Clever little girl, asking just the right question for him to hurt her. Make her turn away from him. It wasn't safe for either of them. "Into town," he answered, "did you think I'd be satisfied fucking you all night?" Yes, he thought was the truth, but looked at her with boredom as he put his pants on. "Maybe if you were less vanilla. This was fun, though, don't get me wrong."

Chloe narrowed her eyes, hurt, anger, he wasn't sure, and pretended that he didn't care. "Fine. Take me back."

He wasn't used to wanting to apologize, and he suppressed the urge, grabbing his shirt. He went and knocked on the window of the limo, which the driver had tastefully pulled up when things had started getting intimate, and gave him instructions to take them back to the Academy.

The driver packed everything up while Adrien simply looked up at the sky, hands in his pockets. Chloe was leaning against a tree a short distance away, and Adrien hoped that the oak or whatever it was could comfort her. An idiotic thought to have, on more than one level. He was getting soft.

"Alright, let's go," he said when the driver climbed back into his seat. He held the door open for Chloe, and she got in without so much as looking at him. It shouldn't have hurt.

It did.

The drive was spent in silence, and Adrien did not look at her. Much. When the electric limo pulled to a stop Chloe turned to him. Her eyebrows were set in that stubborn expression she tended to use when she was determined to convince him of the need to fight poverty in the Third World, or have him do something like, say, volunteer.

"I know what you're doing, Adrien," she told him, voice as confident as it ever got. She was always convinced of possessing the Ultimate Truth, and it was part of what Adrien found so irresistible about her. "It won't work. I'll keep in touch, and you won't shut me out forever." She smiled. The infuriating girl smiled, that sweet smile of hers, so sweet that Adrien should want nothing else than to destroy it himself. "I'm very patient."

She pecked him on the cheek and slipped out of the car before he could answer anything. "This was better than prom," she turned back to say, lips stretched in a small smile, her hand on the car door, "probably," and she closed it.

Adrien felt sick. That night he went clubbing, drowned the feeling in drugs and sex. He wasn't in control, and he blamed it on her.

He was always in control.
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